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Work Experience

Work Experience is a very important element of  learners training at Mullingar TDA.  It gives the learner valuable experience in the workplace of their chosen career path as well as providing the learner with a contact person or reference employer for future job applications.

Learners have the opportunity to sample different work areas to see if the job in reality meets their expectation and to see if they have the necessary practical and personal skills to carry out the work. Learners receive their training allowance and are fully supported by T.D.A and the staff team while on work experience. Learners are eligible for a work experience placement when they have completed a required number of QQI modules outlined by their key worker, the training periods are outlined below;

  • Work Placement 1                      2 Weeks Work Experience
  • Work Placement 2                      4 Weeks Work Experience
  • Certification completed -  Learners apply to do Linked Work Experience (26 Weeks)

Linked Work Experience;

When Learners have completed their certification they may qualify to take part in a linked work experience which is of 26 weeks duration. Learners have to apply for limited places on the LWE program at TDA, with priority being given to learners who need encouragement and support in order to secure work. The work experience will improve their confidence and skill in their chosen area of work.

With LWE a contract has to be drawn up between Mullingar TDA,  the employer and the learner, which outlines what is expected from all the stakeholders, duties to be carried out by the learners and training to be provided by the employer.  Areas of skill which need to be improved on are identified and training plans drawn up to enhance improvement in these areas.

The overall aim of the LWE is to greatly enhance the learners chances of securing employment on completion of their training at TDA.

TDA staff are hugely grateful  for the patience and understanding shown by our large bank of Employers in Mullingar and surrounding areas  who work tirelessly with us, providing work experience placements and training for our learners.



QQI Level 3, Minor Award 3N0587 Work Experience,

QQI Level 4, Minor Award 4N1168 Work Experience,

Learner Comment; "I would not have got a job in TK Maxx without the 6 month Linked Work Experience I did in Mullingar TDA"  Lelia 

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