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1916 Would you Believe !

24th March 2016

In 1901 Padraig Pearse leader of the 1916 rebellion  gave a speech in Mullingar TDA premises St Marys Hall, or as it was called in 1901 The Lecture Hall Mullingar.

The Lecture Hall in Mullingar was the main venue for entertainment events in town, as the County Hall had not yet been built.

Pearse gave a speech at the formation of the Mullingar branch of the Gaelic League on February 24th 1901 at the time he was 21 years old and had just graduated from UCD.

Today at TDA we recreated the occasion with a recital of the speech which P H Pearse made, with the help of local historian Ruth Illingworth we were able to locate the text in the Westmeath Examiner from the time.

Following the reenactment of the speech we had a reading of the proclamation from 1916 also penned by Pearse.

This was a fantastic learning experience for all learners and staff at TDA, well done to everyone who took part in the event.

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