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Hairdressing section visit National Hairdressing Championships in Hilton Doubletree Hotel Dublin

14th March 2016

The Hairdressing group attended Irelands largest annual beauty show in the RDS Simmons Court Dublin, they visited stands such as B.Bold Tan, Cocoa Brown, Crownrush, Crystal Nails, Kardashian Hair etc, also the VTCT stand where they met with Kate. 

Afterwards they went to the Irish Hairdressing Federation National Championships in the Doubletree Hilton Hotel, where there was great excitement, this is the Oscars for the Hairdressing Industry in Ireland. The competition categories were Trainee Ladies, Full Fashion, Senior Bridal, Mens Full Fashion, Trainee and Senior Fantasy and many more, 

Michaela "I was inspired by the Hat styles made of hair and the beehives"

Julia  "I would stay there all day watching the different hairstyles I was delighted to see that trainee hairdressers can compete"

Diane "There was a lot of creativity it was very cool and interesting"

Shannon " it was great learning about new hairstyles, fashion, make up and  body art, I would highly reccomend that future TDA  Learners attend this fantastic show. I thought it was just a brilliant event"

Diana " It was a great day the models were fantastic with mad and unusual hairstyles,

Nicole" I honestly didn't think it was going to be as brilliant as it was and I was very surprised, I got great ideas from the event and I would love to go again.

Evelena "I hadn't heard about this event before and definitely didn't expect it to be as big an event as it was, it was massive. I didn't know that fantasy was a part of hairdressing and I would love to have an opportunity to go again.

Chloe "When Pauline told the Hairdressing group about the possibility of us going to the Hairdressing championships I didn't honestly know what to expect. When we arrived at the hotel we were met by some of the models with the most amazing weird and wonderful hairstyles and costumes. I was really taken back by what I was seeing, they all looked fantastic, I would most definitely go to this great event again"

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