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Hairdressing learners visit Beauty show in RDS

10th April 2018

My name is Kiara, I am a Learner in the hairdressing section at Mullingar TDA, yesterday we went to the Beauty show at the RDS, six of us went with our Instructor Pauline, Ava, Shauna, Jake, Jennifer, Michaela and myself.

As a huge lover of make up I was really grateful to get the opportunity to attend the show as it was something I have always wanted to do. When we arrived at the RDS I was amazed by the talent and creativity of the make up artists and the hairdressers, I also got to meet some people who are famous in the beauty industry and who I have been following on social media for months, Mitchell, Ellie, Kellie, Suzanne and Becky. Meeting them and seeing their creativity has made me more determined to make a successful career in the beauty industry.

Overall it was a brilliant experience to get to the show together with my friends from TDA.

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