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Literacy and Numeracy are essential basic life skills in training and employment and communications (English) and Maths are compulsory modules for almost all QQI awards. The communications section offers training and certification in these two areas to every trainee in the centre. After starting in the centre a comprehensive initial assessment of every trainees literacy and numeracy needs is undertaken. Trainees identified as having additional requirements will be offered one to one support.

The emphasis of the maths program is on real life maths skills. Certification is achieved by completing a range of assessment portfolios focusing on the use of maths in everyday real life situation such as choosing a mobile phone plan or buying a car.

Communications focuses on the use of written and language skills in everyday life. Extensive use is made of modern technology with a major focus on online research and presentation skills. The learning environment is personal, friendly and very learner-centred with all training taking place in small groups.


Certification Communications and Maths are compulsory modules for almost all available Major Awards.
Level 3 Course Modules Communications Level 3
Application of Number Level 3
Mathematics Level 3
Level 4 Course Modules

Functional Maths Level 4                                                                   Communications Level 4




Learner Comment; “When I started in Mullingar TDA I had no qualifications whatsoever. I have just finished QQI Level 4 in Maths and Communications which is the same as your Leaving Cert. I found it hard to learn at first, but as I got into it everything became easier. When I was in school I struggled with Maths and English but this is a lot different to school. I have completed what I needed to complete.“ Patrick

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